Necessiteeth are handcrafted, customized mouth masks that transform your smile so you can transform your life. Whether grotesque, or grotesquely beautiful, Necessiteeth can help make you into who you want to be. Personalized in our tooth lab, your new teeth will fit in your face like a hand that fits into a custom-made glove. Or like a styled wig...for your mouth. Let your light shine!

Our mouth masks have been worn by professional actors and performers from all over the world. From Balinese dancers to bouffons to circus performers to spies. Necessiteeth was born out of a desire to provide the theatrical world with quality dental alterations to comfortably wear in performance that eliminate the bulk and limited options of generic novelty teeth. Our founders have an affinity toward creating characters with a special interest in the art of transformation and want to share it with you...so let your freak flag fly high and rain down on this glorious earth with your invention and bravado. Be who you want to be. 

What you get when you order a set of Necessiteeth: 

  • One-on-one consultation with our tooth maker to help you decide on the teeth that would best suit you and your needs
  • An impression session to get a mold of your mouth with relaxing spa sounds 
  • A fitting session to make sure they are perfect for your mouth
  • Care and wearing instructions
  • A set of Necessiteeth
  • A Necessiteeth carrying case

Necessiteeth are intended for novelty and theatrical use and aren't in any way meant to serve as a medical or dental appliance. Our teeth are made from dental acrylic polymer that sets to a super hard plastic that looks just like real teeth and gum tissue and custom fit just for you. 

Please contact us for more information and about getting your own set today! Currently, Necessiteeth is offering in-person consultations.  



Necessiteeth is an official sponsor of Glitter Gizzard Theatre Company.